Runway 16R/34L Rehabilitation

About the Project

Runway 16R/34L is located on the northwest side of the airfield and dates to the original construction of the airport in 1964. The runway needs rehabilitation; the last major runway pavement rehabilitation was completed in 1999. This project includes rehabilitation of the runway pavement and connector taxiway pavement out to the proposed runway hold lines, as well as replacement of incandescent edge lighting, airfield guidance signage, PAPIs and REILs with new LED fixtures and associated infrastructure.

Runway 16R/34L is currently 100 feet wide. Current FAA guidance states that a runway with the fleet mix that uses this runway shall be 75 feet in width. As part of this project, the runway pavement will be remarked at 75 feet wide, however the full width of the asphalt-paved runway will remain 100 feet wide, with 12.5-foot shoulders on each side of the runway. The shoulders will aid in airport maintenance, including snow removal and edge light maintenance as the edge lights will move up onto the pavement.

There are currently six (6) connector taxiways located along the west side of the 3,715-foot runway. Along with the runway rehabilitation, Taxiway A3 will be removed and replaced with turf infield. The remaining taxiway connectors will be renamed, with Taxiway A1 at the north end of the runway through Taxiway A5 at the south end. New signage installed with the project will reflect the renaming of the taxiways.

Construction Phasing

The construction is broken into two runway closures. Runway Closure #1 is 45 calendar days in duration and is estimated to start around September 21, 2020. The majority of the project work items will be completed during this closure, including pavement milling, new paving, and replacement of edge lights, signs and NAVAIDs. Runway Closure #2 will take place no sooner than 30 calendar days following paving and includes final pavement markings on the runway and taxiways. Temporary pavement markings will be installed at the conclusion of the first runway closure in order to reopen the runway to traffic during the 30 day pavement curing window. Final pavement markings installation is weather dependent, and the potential exists that low late-fall temperatures push the final markings to Spring 2021. If this happens, the runway will remain open during the winter with the temporary markings.

Runway closure #1 is subdivided into three work areas in order to maximize the length of time that both Taxiways K and V are open for cross-airfield traffic. Refer to the exhibits. Work Area A will be closed the entire 45 calendar day duration of Runway Closure #1, however access to the east side of the airfield is maintained via both Taxiways K and V. Work Area B includes the north end of Runway 16R/34L and is 10 calendar days maximum. These 10 calendar days may not be consecutive. Access to the east side of the airfield will be via Taxiway K only. Work Area C includes the south end of Runway 16R/34L and is six (6) calendar days maximum. These six calendar days may not be consecutive. Access to the east side of the airfield will be via Taxiway V only.

Work Areas B and C will not be active at the same time, and access to the east side of the airfield will always be maintained via Taxiways K or V, or both. When the runway construction schedule is finalized, this website will be updated to outline the dates for the respective work areas. Also, observe caution when Taxiway K is open as the contractor’s haul route will cross at the south end of the runway. A contractor flag person will be stationed at the end of the runway with radio communication with the ATCT. Aircraft will have right-of-way at all times.

Project Schedule

Below is a time line of the project from design through the start of construction. This information will be updated once the construction schedule is finalized.

Description Date
Design Kick-Off October 2019
90% Design Submittal April 2020
Bid Advertisement May 2020
Bid Opening June 2020
Runway Closure #1 (45 Calendar Days) Mid–September – Mid–November 2020
Runway Closure #2 (2 Calendar Days) Spring 2021 (weather dependent)